About Me

Charlotte Ory Director

I became an expert in The Raiser’s Edge during my four and a half years at the British Museum. In that time, I introduced many positive changes, such as tracking museum wide fundraising income, aligning Raiser’s Edge with the accounting software and implementing a reconciliation process, all of which resulted in greater transparency, saved time and ensured that fundraising efforts were appropriately targeted. I worked with the team to configure the database to manage fundraising events, the tracking of prospects, proposals and patron memberships and extended the use of the database to other departments to achieve a single supporter view. I also carried out all staff training, wrote numerous ‘how-to’ guides, created dozens of bespoke Crystal reports and I was the founder of a Raiser’s Edge user group for cultural institutions in London.

I left the British Museum in 2008 to start my business as an independent Raiser's Edge trainer and consultant. Since then I have worked with an array of clients providing help in all areas of The Raiser's Edge. More information about the projects that I have been involved in can be found here.

I now live in Leicestershire but I am very happy to travel.

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