Bespoke group and one-to-one training programmes can be developed based on clients' needs with the aim of building confidence in and understanding of The Raiser's Edge.

Database Audit

To carry out a comprehensive review of the database, its structure, data consistency and current business processes to identify areas for improvement. All findings and recommendations are presented in a report.

Data Cleansing and Configuration

To clean, organise and reconfigure the database as per audit recommendations and client goals.

Financial Processing Audit

To carry out a comprehensive review of all financial processes to determine the effectiveness of current practices and identify areas for improvement. This audit will include a gift aid audit, a review of reconciliation procedures and identify fundraising and accounting reporting requirements. It will also explore the possibility of aligning The Raiser’s Edge with your accounting package. All findings and recommendations are presented in a report.

Direct Debit Management

To help set up, audit or manage the process of generating direct debits using the EFT function in The Raiser's Edge.

Gift Aid Audit

To review how gift aid is being managed on and off The Raiser's Edge to ensure that appropriate claims are made in accordance with HMRC guidelines. All findings and recommendations are presented in a report.

Interface with your Finance System

By aligning your fundraising and accounting structures, monthly reconciliations will be made much easier and it will be possible to generate custom made fundraising and accounting reports from The Raiser’s Edge.

Database Expansion Evaluation

To evaluate the data and business processes of other departments to determine the suitability of The Raiser’s Edge as a contact management system. This will involve interviewing potential key users and existing users, assessing data requirements and overall support for the project, as well as addressing data security and data protection concerns. All findings and recommendations will be presented in a report.

Crystal Report Writing

Building bespoke Crystal reports that are integrated with The Raiser's Edge.

Interim Support

To provide guidance and help in the management of The Raiser’s Edge during staff changes.

Policies and Procedures

Through a process of consultation a bespoke policies and procedures guide will be created. This living document will reduce the impact of staff turnover and also will greatly improve the consistent use of The Raiser's Edge.

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